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If you have chipped, cracked or missing teeth, you no longer need a long series of dental appointments to resolve the issue. By using state-of-the-art milling technology called Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics (or CEREC), Dr. Husein can create dental crowns and dental bridges in as little as one visit! Damaged teeth can make your everyday life uncomfortable, while tooth decay can cause irritation and sensitivity. CEREC technology may help Dr. Husein save your teeth! Upgrading the outside of your tooth with a dental bridge or crown in Petaluma, CA can restore function to damaged or chipped teeth. Our team at Petaluma Valley Dental has many years of cosmetic dentistry experience, including education specifically for CEREC technology. Dr. Husein provides custom, premium crowns and bridges in a single day.

Petaluma Valley Dental has the experience and technology to streamline the dental restoration process into a single visit. Your new dental restoration will be made from ceramic or porcelain materials, and it will be customized to perfectly blend with your teeth. CEREC crowns and bridges are strong enough to withstand daily wear. If you need a tooth extraction or already have missing teeth, CEREC bridges can be a great way to restore your smile instead.

Your new dental restoration will be made from ceramic or porcelain materials, and it will be customized to perfectly blend with your teeth.

Do I Qualify for CEREC Crowns and Bridges?

A dental crown is a fixed ceramic cover that lays over an existing tooth, restoring its shape, aesthetics and function. We generally recommend crowns when a tooth is too damaged to be treated with a filling. On a similar note, crowns can be placed after a root canal or after dental implant surgery, restoring the aesthetics of your smile. Other reasons to consider a CEREC same-day dental bridge or crown include:

How Does CEREC Technology Work?

In-office CEREC tooth crowns and dental bridges allow our cosmetic dentist, Dr. Husein, to offer versatility and flexibility when creating tooth caps. These treatment options preserve the structure and aesthetics of your teeth, and offer a less expensive result in less time than traditional dental bridges and crowns. Right now, CEREC remains the most advanced tool for restoring the look and feel of your smile in a single visit. With outsourced crowns and bridges, you often have to wait several weeks for the dental laboratory to fabricate your restoration. With CEREC, instead of having to wait, you can have the crown fabricated in-house by us and placed immediately. Your entire treatment for CEREC crowns in Petaluma, CA takes approximately 1.5 hours. Here’s what to expect from treatment:

The Cost of Same-Day Crowns and Bridges

One of the first questions many of our patients ask is “how much will CEREC cost?” At Petaluma Valley Dental, we’re committed to helping all of our patients explore payment options that fit within their budget. We offer competitive pricing for dental crowns and bridges across California, and we partner with multiple dental insurance providers. Often, CEREC bridges and crowns cost less than traditionally-milled counterparts because they are made in-house, but the exact cost of your procedure will depend on the extent of your treatment and the number of teeth you need restored. We’re also always happy to discuss dental financing options to help ensure that you get the best treatment at a cost you can afford.

Reduce Your Pain and Your Treatment Time.

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