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Soft Tissue Treatment from a Gum Expert

It’s easy to overlook the importance of soft tissue in your smile, but gum and lip issues can have a strong impact on your self-esteem and the function of your mouth. Issues like gummy smiles, tongue-tie or lip-tie and gum disease can all make it difficult to live a full, happy life. At Petaluma Valley Dental, Dr. Husein is well-practiced in treating these soft tissue concerns, from gingivectomy to frenectomy in Petaluma, CA.

At Petaluma Valley Dental, Dr. Husein is well-practiced in treating these soft tissue concerns, from gingivectomy to frenectomy in Petaluma, CA.

Dr. Husein has spent years of continuing education in the art and science of diagnosing, treating and preventing issues with the gums. This includes not only laser gum surgery but specialized tissue and bone and gum grafts, as well as dental implants. Our team at Petaluma Valley Dental has the expertise to effectively treat your gum tissues with minimally invasive, personalized treatment.

The Benefits of Healthy Soft Tissues

Select Soft Tissue Treatments We Offer

A gingivectomy is the removal of the gum tissue around the teeth. Gingivectomies have a few uses: they can be completed to trim away damaged tissue when someone suffers from gum disease, or they may remove gum tissue that is causing a “gummy” smile. They can even be used to gain more access to a damaged or decayed tooth, potentially saving the tooth. Regardless of the reason for your gingivectomy, Dr. Hussein considers your smile’s symmetry and appearance when performing this surgery. Without these excess soft tissues, a restoration like a crown can be placed securely. Patients who complete gingivectomy treatment experience improved dental function and better smile aesthetics.

A frenectomy is a surgery that removes the frenulum, or the tissue that restricts the movement of the tongue or upper lip. Patients who are tongue-tied or lip-tied can experience a variety of functional problems associated with eating, swallowing, breathing and speaking. A frenulum that grows abnormally can even affect the development of the front teeth, creating a gap that orthodontics may not be able to close. A frenectomy in Ladera Ranch or Petaluma, CA can be made fast and painless with numbing agents and even sedation.

Also called gum recontouring, crown lengthening is a minimally-invasive surgical procedure that reshapes the gums at the base of your teeth. Crown lengthening is a useful treatment for anyone with excess gum tissue (or a “gummy” smile), as well as to gain access to decayed or damaged tooth roots.

A gum graft replaces decayed or dead gum tissue with tissue that comes from the roof of your mouth. This is primarily used in cases of severe gum disease or injury to your soft tissue.

Also called pocket reduction surgery, osseous surgery gets rid of the bacteria that are living in your gingival pockets. Dr. Husein performs this surgery with the Fotona LightWalker® laser, reducing your pain level and recovery time.

Treat Gum Issues Before They Get Worse.

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